Adventure Fitness Training: Optimize your Mind and Body

As one of my side-hustles, I work with select clients as a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer. My personal training is based on the conviction that the body, mind, and spirit are each reflections of each other and must be regularly challenged, inspired, and supported in their growth for optimal health and performance.

If you’re ready to level-up your body, schedule a consultation, and together we’ll begin drawing up blueprints for your most badass, sexy, and stoked self ever.


How it Works

Growth and healing are inspired, taught, and encouraged by my unique blend of training programs and nature adventures. I challenge each client by taking a holistic body mechanics assessment and then designing a program around each individual’s specific needs. I also create space for my clients to reflect on the health of their body-mind system, and come up with some concrete goals around improving and healing.

What it is

My training modalities are inspired by mixed martial arts, yoga, acrobatics & gymnastics, nature therapy, functional strength circuit training, surfing, swimming, hiking, meditation, visualizations, writing exercises, and more. It’s a truly holistic approach that leads to an engaging and unforgettable experience. Clients will leave feeling more balanced, focused, and inspired with new lifestyle habits to create long-term wellness. The programs I run emphasize the importance of mindfulness, integrity, compassion, communication, and trust; to create an environment in which trainees naturally blossom in these areas.

The 5 Phase NASM Training Model

Custom Designed to Identify & Crush Your Goals

-Lose Fat

-Build Muscle

-Repair Chronic Injuries

-Reduce Stress & Anxiety

-Improve Mental Grace under Pressure

-Improve Self-Confidence

-Optimize your Nutrition

-Expand Your Mind-Body Awareness

Ready? Set… Go!

So, for those intrepid souls who are ready to optimize their Mind-Body systems with me, I’m pumped to share some powerful training modalities with you that I’m confident will upgrade your life in a big way if you put in the work. I can’t WAIT to help you CRUSH your goals.

If you’re ready to get stronger, sexier, and more stoked on playing the sport of life, setup a consultation and we’ll get started ASAP.

Love, Aloha, & Adventure,

Miller Williams, NASM CPT and Behavior Change Specialist