One of my most meaningful and rewarding callings is providing confidential life coaching services to a select handful of clients. I specialize in facilitating interpersonal conflict resolution, intrapersonal growth, providing counsel for big life transitions, important decisions, and helping to improve overall mental wellbeing.

As a licensed Behavior Change Specialist (BCS) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), my official training and scope of practice is in developing programs to help clients change specific unwanted patterns of behavior or improve mental wellness through tried and tested incremental lifestyle changes. However, the scope of work I do with my “life coaching” or “performance coaching” clients is typically much broader than that. With a few semesters of graduate training in Somatic Psychotherapy under my belt, and a storied lifetime of experience behind me, I bring a holistic, deep-in-the-trenches perspective with a strong undercurrent of compassion, curiosity, and drive to help clients overcome and learn from whatever obstacles they’re facing. My coaching is based on the conviction that the body, mind, and spirit are each reflections of each other and must be regularly challenged, inspired, and supported in their growth for optimal health and performance.

My training modalities are inspired by body-based psychotherapy, the ManKind Project & Sacred Sons men’s work, sports performance psychology, vipassana meditation, positive visualizations, writing exercises, and more. It’s a truly holistic approach that leads to an engaging and unforgettable experience. Clients will leave feeling more balanced, focused, and inspired with new lifestyle habits to create long-term wellness habits. The programs I run emphasize the importance of mindfulness, integrity, compassion, communication, and trust; to create a coaching environment in which clients naturally blossom in these areas.

If you’re ready to explore working together, schedule a consultation, and together we’ll begin drawing up blueprints for your most empowered, zen, and stoked self ever.


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