“Miller delivers. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Miller as a colleague and as a contractor for services and in both regards, Miller displays a high level of passion and insight. When Miller undertakes a project, I can be confident that his curiosity, attention to detail, and mastery of craft will lead him to surpass the objectives set out for him. His execution is efficient, effective, and consistently produces results. These qualities are true whether it be in the realm of social media marketing, project management, blogging, content creation, or general “Growth Hacking.” Miller’s passion for marketing and Growth Hacking will serve him well in this era of the internet and his drive to learn will ensure he’s always evolving and current, if not ahead of the curve. I recommend his services to anyone looking for a Growth Hacker.”

C. Ty Richardson, Ph.D.

CEO, YoPro Global

“Miller is a smart and creative guy. He is an incisive thinker with a willingness to take risks, intellectual and otherwise. I fully believe that he would benefit any institution, given his skills, abilities and creative drive. If it were me, I would certainly hire Miller.”

Andre Wakefield, Ph.D.

Professor, The Claremont Colleges

“Miller and I worked together for a few months on a retreat and tour. I found Miller to be bright, personable, extremely proactive, organized, and unflappable. I would unequivocally recommend him for any position that required these skills and personality traits.”

David Bruce Leonard, L.Ac.

Founder, Earth Medicine Institute

“Miller is a great asset to any team. He takes on new assignments with great enthusiasm and commitment. I would rehire him in a second! His top qualities are his high integrity, personable nature, and track record of achieving great results.”

Rhonda Flatz Stouder

Program Coordinator, City of Corvallis